Recommendation for Parents

Use Of Technology

Be a good role model when on electronics

Do not use your cell phone, or other electronic devices during meals, but rather promote family Conversations

You set the guidelines in your home rather than what other families do in their homes

You set the age when electronic devices are appropriate for your children. Note: Bill Gates did not give his daughters smartphones till age 14, despite their constant whining. Steve Jobs never allowed an IPad in his house

Be available to your children rather than pushing them away so you can be on your electronic devices. Your child is more important that any electric device

All electronic devices should be turned off on hour before bedtime. Screen time before sleep never works.

All electronic devices should be turned in to you before your child goes to bed. If not, they will be turned on and used all night. Texting under the sheets never has a curfew.

Always monitor their usage of web browsing

Cyberbullying and sexting start at a very young age

Encourage time away from electronic device, away from constant stimulus, so their brains become less anxious