Ask Yourself

What are my children doing online?

Can cell phone apps be dangerous?

How do internet predators contacting children?

Can I monitor my child/childrens cell phone activity?

How bad is cyberbullying?

Can cyberbullying leading to suicide?

What is grooming?

Are young males being targeted on gaming consoles?

What is Tiktoc? Hint, it is not your clock?

How can a good app be so bad?

Are children really sexting?

How important is my child's digital footprint?

If I delete something online, does it go away?

Do Colleges and University check your child's social media activity?

How are children being blackmailed by other children?

Can a child be arrested for sending a nude image of themself or someone else?

Can a child be arrested for Cyberbullying?

Can I set parental settings on my child's cell phone?

Do gaming consoles have parental/security settings?

If any of these questions are concerning to you, I can help you. All of your questions will be answered in my presentation, or a one-on-one consulting session.